Frequently Asked Questions

What cities is Dropposh available in?

Dropposh is currently available in Cork City of Ireland We are expanding our service across Ireland. Go to to see the full list, which is always growing.

How do I become a Driver?

If you're interested in becoming a dropper, head on over to Apply 

What payment method are acceptable?

Cash On Delivery, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

Who are the Droppers?

Droppers are independent drivers connected to our platform. These are people who have free time, own vehicle and smartphone, and looking to get the maximum benefit by helping you resolve your efforts in the quickest and most effective way.
Do you want to be Dropper? Great! Just fill out the application from this link Driver Link

Where is my order?

Currently the Dropposh app allows you to see the tracking information of your delivery once the Driver has arrived at the pickup location and retrieved your items.

As Dropposh handles thousands of orders each day, we implemented this tracking system to increase efficiency for our customers, merchants, and droppers, as well as ensuring that you have an accurate representation of when your order is on its way to you.

We understand that this is a recent change and we are listening to customer feedback to continuously improve our system for you.

I want to cancel my order

Do you need to cancel it? If you already have your Dropper assigned, contact him directly to request cancellation. If you still do not have an assigned Dropper you can do it yourself from the current order without any cost. 

How much does the service cost?

We charge a small delivery fee for the orders based on distance and on the agreement with every store. You can see this in the display of each store.


Is Dropposh available in my neighborhood?

Dropposh is currently available in the Cork city of Ireland. We are expanding our service area please contact us for your area.


Can I schedule an order?

Of course! You just have to choose when you want it delivered before confirming your order, and you will receive it when it is best for you

What can I ask for?

Use the app to buy any product or make your deliveries and express messages in the city. Do you want us to go to the pharmacy for you? Do we buy a pair of shoes? Would you like something to eat? Do we ship a package? Did you forget the keys?
Anything you want. Delivered in minutes.

What is Dropposh?

Dropposh is the app that allows you to get the best products of your city in minutes. Tell us what you want and we will deliver it to you wherever you are.
The best products of your city? Like what? A charger, food, a smoothie, a hot meal from your favourite restaurant, your keys…
Just think of what you wish... Everything in your city, delivered in minutes.

Is tip required?

As you want! If you think they deserve it, why not? Droppers are free to accept or not tips, but they will never ask for it!